Patio Pool Hall

Sep 26, 2010

Yesterday we were on-site in Anaheim Hills, CA for the first leg of a house-to-house pool table move. Our client had just moved his family to Corona, CA, and needed his eight-foot slate pool table moved over to the new house. When we arrived in Corona, the house was still filled with moving boxes. Apparently, he had just moved in two days earlier and hadn’t really decided on where to set up the pool table. Before we started to unload the trailer, he asked me if we purchased used pool tables. Unfortunately for him, we don’t. I felt bad for him because he didn’t really have a room large enough for the table inside of the house. I tried talking him into setting it up in the garage, but unfortunately, it was filled wall to wall with personal belongings. So the back patio was the only place to set it up. It’s not the ideal location for a pool table, but hey, Drew Carey had a pool table in his backyard. And we don’t get much snow here in Southern California. 🙂