Surprise One Piece Slate Move

Oct 14, 2010

Here’s a surprise pool table move we were not ready for. We arrived in Trabuco Canyon, CA yesterday morning for what we thought was a move with stairs of a three-piece slate pool table. When I walked through the front door and saw the pool table, I immediately knew it was a one-piece slate. I asked the client if he knew it was a one-piece when he booked the job with us, and he said yes. Somehow this info didn’t get relayed to me, normally if we’re doing a one-piece slate move with stairs I’ll bring in a third man to assist. There are always additional charges applied for this type of pool table move, since we were one man short my client decided to offer up his own manpower in lieu of rescheduling and additional cost.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of this story. As we are disassembling the client’s pool table, he mentions to us that his soon-to-be new neighbor is an ex-con who was just released from prison. OK, I’m thinking, what’s the problem. He goes on to say that this person is very volatile and prone to provocations. Great! We’re going to move a 450 lb. single-piece slate up three flights of stairs and possibly get into an altercation with a hot-headed ex-con. We arrived at our client’s new home in San Clemente, CA at about 11:45 a.m.  I was happy to see only stairs in our future, not an encounter with an ex-con. Luckily we had no problems getting the very heavy slate upstairs. 🙂