Utah’s Nice, But OC Is Home

Oct 23, 2010

Here is an Oversized Eight-foot billiard table made by World of Leisure from the early 1970s. We actually disassembled and crated this three-piece slate billiard table in May, when the family decided to move from Orange, CA to Park City, UT. Well, here it is five months later and the family has moved back into a home in Villa Park, CA. Apparently, the Mr. wasn’t too fond of the cold weather and snow six months out of the year. So, here they are back at home in Orange County with an old billiard table that was in need of some major TLC. The cushion rubber was original and had to be replaced, the Mauve colored felt was pretty outdated too and the leather pockets all needed to be replaced. Our client decided to recover her table in Mali’s 10820-f Black billiard cloth. We also replaced the old, dried-up leather netted pockets with a new set of leather drop pockets.