How To Install A Slate Pool Table

Nov 26, 2010

Last week my crew and I were in Yorba Linda, CA to finish up the second leg of this new flooring move. My client was having the carpeting replaced in the upstairs game room. We showed up the morning of the carpet install to disassemble this seven-foot Artisan Billiards three-piece slate pool table. Luckily one of the upstairs bedrooms had a large balcony which we used to store the pool table while the carpet installers did their thing.

Unfortunately for my client, the rails on his four-year-old pool table were all dead. The manufacturer, Artisan Billiards, was no longer in business. Which meant he was on the hook for the costly repairs. It’s a shame because, in my opinion, the former Placentia, CA manufacturer built some of the sturdiest pool tables around. Artisan’s Achilles’ heel was their inferior cushion rubber. We have re-cushioned dozens and dozens of dead cushions over the years. Fortunately, we were able to reuse the rail cloth, which turned out to be Gorina worsted wool billiard cloth.