11 Year Old Pool Table Finds New Home

Nov 29, 2010

Here is a seven-foot oak pool table that my mentor, John Campbell, and I actually built ourselves. Back in 1998, John and I had a custom pool table shop in Orange, CA. In the two years we were in business we actually only built and sold about a dozen pool tables. Due to difficulties in the staining and finishing processes we were forced to close our doors. It was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Now, nearly 12 years later I had the pleasure of moving this pool table that I built with my own hands. I received a phone call from the original family to whom we sold the pool table. The Mrs. went on to tell me that her sons loved playing pool all through their teenage years. But things are different now, the boys are in college and she and her husband wanted to use the space for something else. She decided to give the pool table to her housekeeper, who has three young kids of her own. I feel good knowing that we built something that can be enjoyed by a new generation of kids and that this pool table is still as sturdy as the day we built it.