From The Rubble Comes A Pool Table

Jan 19, 2011

This is an eight-foot Olhausen pool table we had disassembled for clients in Orange, CA. The clients had some major renovating to do and didn’t want their beautiful Olhausen to be disturbed by workers. We carefully dismantled the eight-foot slate table and placed all the pool table parts in their garage while the remodel was being done.

Six months go by and we get a call from the homeowner saying it was time to set up the pool table again. We located the frame in the garage amongst all the other household goods. We brought the frame back into the game room and positioned it just right. We located the slates and continued on with the setup. The burgundy cloth was in okay shape, so I was able to re-stretch it without tearing it. Sometimes the pool table cloth, (aka felt) has been exposed to a lot of sunlight which causes it to become dry and brittle. When the cloth gets like that and it’s re-stretched it is easy to overstretch and tear it.

Luckily all the pieces were still in the spots where we placed them and we were able to complete this pool table setup.