Body Shop Billiard Table

Jan 30, 2011

This is a pool table we recovered for our client, Precision Collision in Orange, CA. This Valley bar room pool table was totally refurbished by Jason, the body shop’s owner. He wanted something “totally tricked-out” for his Salton Sea Man Cave. When my crew and I arrived at Precision Collision, the pool table was already taken apart for us. I noticed that the pool table rails still had the original Raybestos-Manhattan rubber and were still very lively. Not bad for being 35 years old!

Jason wanted his pool table to function as if it were in a bar, but with no coins needed to dump the balls. I fixed it so that the ESD coin mechanism could be pushed in as if you had placed quarters into the slots. He also wanted the cueball to return to the correct side of the pool table, but he didn’t want to use the oversized (2.375″) cueball. So I searched around my DK Billiards van until I found an Aramith “true roll” magnetic cueball. Which is the same size as the rest of the numbered balls (2.25″) and when you scratched it would come out the correct return hole. We ended refelting the vintage Valley pool table with Mali 10820-f standard green billiard cloth, to keep it original of course. 🙂