Third Time Is A Charm?

Feb 10, 2011

Here is another Connelly pool table we delivered to our clients in Tustin, CA. Our clients had ordered this San Carlos eight-foot oversized with the hopes of receiving it before New Year’s Day. Due to some bad weather in Arizona, the westbound freight truck was delayed. One missed engagement, the client was forgiving, can’t control the weather, right? So another week or so goes by and I receive a call from the Mrs. she wants me to come out and deliver the pool table. Great! Further along in our conversation, she mentions that she really wants an area rug underneath the table. I ask, do you have the rug yet? No, she replies. But I still want you to deliver our pool table. I mention to her the fact that this pool table she ordered weighs about 1000 lbs. I explain to her that there is no way possible to set up her pool table first, and perfectly install an area rug after. Thus, began the rug hunt.

Another week or so goes by and I decide to give the Mrs. a call. Success, she and her husband have found the perfect rug, so I thought. We place her on the schedule for delivery on the next available Saturday. Apparently, the Friday evening before the delivery the clients unroll the rug and realize it was the wrong color. As my friend, Homer Simpson would say, D’oh!! On the bright side, I did get to watch my daughter Alexandra in her dance class that Saturday morning. 🙂 Another week or so goes by and we’re getting pretty close to Superbowl weekend. I just hoped we would get a call saying the rug was in and it was the right color.

The Superbowl Gods must have wanted our pair of patient pool table patrons to have a rockin’ Superbowl Sunday party. This time, everything went off without a hitch! The third time is always a charm.