How To Make A 1000 lb. Pool Table Disappear

Mar 8, 2011

Last week we were hired to disassemble an old 1970s Delta nine-foot pool table. We set up this half-ton monster in our client’s Santa Ana, CA garage about four years ago. He realized that this nine-footer just didn’t fit in the space that he has. In the meantime, his father-in-law had given an old Fischer seven-foot coin-op pool table to him and his wife. My client decided that this old 1960s “pub style” pool table would fit much nicer in the space that the Delta occupied.

So on to our next project, restoring an old Fischer regent VII. The old single-piece slate pool table needs a lot of work before it can be played on. At the very least, it will need to be refelted and the rubber cushions will need to be replaced. I suggested that we remove the ball return system and convert the pool table to a drop pocket design. My client liked this idea. I’ll be posting a blog about this table once we kick off the project.