George’s Birthday Present

Mar 13, 2011

Here’s a pool table delivery we did last week for my client in Mission Hills, CA. This day had been culminating for three months. My client George found us on the internet. He came into our store in December and described his grand plan to my wife about his yearning to own a slate pool table. The only place that could possibly accommodate a pool table was in his garage. The only problem was his garage filled floor to rafters with stuff. And, that’s how the 8 ball started rolling. He cleared all of the stuff in his garage. He drywalled the ceiling and painted the walls. He installed new flooring, hung a pool table lamp, and put up a flat-screen television. He totally transformed his old two-car garage into a cool man cave.

Three months later the converted garage was ready. We came out two days before his birthday to install his dream pool table. He was just like a kid on Christmas. He was so excited, I think he watched the whole time I was setting up the pool table.