Custom Pool Table Felt Job

Mar 20, 2011

This is an eight-foot World of Leisure three-piece slate pool table we serviced for our client in Chino Hills, CA. The client had not been told by the carpet company that he need the pool table moved completely off the floor for his new carpeting to be installed. My office fielded this frantic call from the client the day before the new carpeting was due to be installed. Luckily, we were working nearby and managed to come out the same day the client called. We tore down the pool table and stored the slates outside side on the balcony. The client wanted something different, something a little wild. While on the phone with the client my wife mentioned that we have faux animal print cloth that looks cool when used as an accent on the rails.

When we returned the following week to re-set the pool table, the client decided to go with our recommendation of Ocelot Tan cloth for his rails and our most popular Mali 10820-f Camel felt for the slate. From mild to wild we can give your older pool table, a fresh cool look. Come on down to our Orange County pool table showroom to see all of the cloth colors and styles.