Ladera Ranch Widow Maker Pool Table Move

Mar 20, 2011

Last week my assistant and I were contracted to move a heavy pool table from Ladera Ranch, CA to Mission Viejo, CA. The pool table was custom-built by a guy in Tempe, AZ. The only problem was that this pool table was upstairs with a 180-degree turnaround landing. Oh, and it’s an eight-foot-one-piece slate! AKA “The Widow Maker”, because this slate is in one single piece and it weighs 450 pounds. The only thing we had going in our favor was gravity. It was just the two of us, a one-piece slate and staircase with a landing. There is a good reason why almost all pool tables manufactured in the last three decades have been built with a three piece slate design. But not this crazy guy from Tempe, nope, he still builds ’em using a one-piece slate bed! Let’s hope he wises up and starts building his pool tables with a three piece slate bed!

As you can see, no injuries, no holes in the walls, and we managed to get the pool table out of the Ladera Ranch house without any damage. Our next stop will be in Mission Viejo, our client is having us set up the widow maker on the ground floor. Woo hoo, no more stairs! The pool table formerly had olive-colored felt, but our client wants to go with burgundy. Once we located the best position for the pool table in his room the refelt process began.