How To Disassemble and Store Your Pool Table

Jun 30, 2011

On a recent job in Santa Ana, CA we were asked to disassemble this eight-foot slate pool table. Our client’s son was starting a martial arts training business. The space for his studio was currently being used as a billiard room. The slate pool table had been in the family for 25 years and mom just didn’t want to give it up. She originally had called us about moving the three-piece slate pool table upstairs and assembling it in her dining room. But after much contemplation, she decided to just have us disassemble and move it out to her very full garage. I surveyed the garage and found the perfect spot for all of the pool table parts.

My client was so happy that I was able to find a little nook in her garage. She really didn’t want to give up her dining room, nor did she want to part with the family treasure.