The Great Shady Canyon Pool Table Flip-Flop

Jul 24, 2011

Here’s another high-quality billiard table we delivered and installed for our clients in Irvine, CA. The former owner of this sprawling 13,500-square-foot estate was former New York Mets right fielder Shawn Green. The pool house was where he had his favorite billiard table setup. Mr. Green was attached to his nine-foot Golden West billiard table, so when he recently moved out of Shady Canyon, he took his beloved pool table with him to his new home. Luckily, this gave our clients an opportunity to design their own billiard room.

My wife was the person who originally sold the Aramith Fusion Table idea to Mr. H. But, as all good husbands should, Mr. H wanted to include Mrs. H in the buying decision before he actually pulled the trigger. This is where I enter the picture, meeting with Mr. and Mrs. H on a Sunday afternoon to go over all of the benefits of owning a Fusiontable. I immediately start to sense the hesitation coming from Mrs. H, but after thirty minutes of skillful lobbying, she’s on board with the Fusiontable.

But about ten days after making the sale, Mrs. H calls me and does a 180. She’s concerned that the Aramith Fusiontable is too small and that her friends and family wouldn’t enjoy playing pool on a seven-footer.  I thought to myself, I don’t understand what just happened. I do understand that if I don’t plead my case with the Mrs. I may lose this sale altogether. Mrs. H was really smitten with the idea of owning an enormous nine-foot billiard table like the Golden West Oxford that used to be in the pool house. I explain to her that I can customize a Connelly Cochise billiard table that will look just like the former Shawn Green billiard table. So, after a week of price negotiations with the shrewd Mrs. H, she and I finally struck a deal that was satisfactory to both of us…. I thought. About a week after I had placed the order with my people at Connelly, Mrs. H emails me worried that the nine-foot Cochise billiard table she ordered may be too difficult to play on. Argh. I tell her I’ll contact the Connelly Billiards factory and see if I can change the order to an eight-foot Cochise, but it was too late. I told her that I would give her lessons to improve her game and that seemed to ease her worries about playing on a nine-footer.