My Final Answer Is, Golden?

Jul 28, 2011

Here we are in beautiful Newport Beach, CA for a pool table cloth recovery job. Our client has a nine-foot Renaissance pool table from the early 1970s. The Mrs. and I went back and forth on what color cloth her pool table had been originally covered in. The pool table has been set up for decades in this billiard room, which has skylights directly overhead. My client originally thought her cloth color was Golden, but as you can see the years of sunlight completely changed the color of the billiard cloth. As we unbolted and removed the rails, it was obvious that the original cloth color was Gold.

My client was so used to seeing the lighter cloth color she decided to stay with it. So we went ahead and installed the Golden that I had special ordered for her. Most folks don’t realize the damaging effects the sun has on billiard cloth. If you own a pool table that’s in a sunny room, you may want to consider investing in a custom-fitted cover. We offer them in a variety of colors.