Nine Foot Renaissance Defies Gravity

Jul 30, 2011

Here’s one of the days that I wish I could have called in sick. But, unfortunately being the owner of the company doesn’t afford me those benefits. We arrive at the location where we’ll be picking up the pool table, my client greets me and proceeds to show me the billiard room. I follow him down one flight of stairs, then another half flight with a 180-degree turn-around landing, another half flight down, and we’re there! A white-washed, solid oak, nine-foot Charles A. Porter Renaissance pool table with Mauve-colored felt stands before me. It’s a beautifully carved three-piece slate pool table from the early 1990s.

Apparently, my client’s client owns the home in Laguna Beach, CA, and after a year of holding this property, which by the way has been vacant, has decided to remodel the interior of the home. So my client scores a killer deal on an awesome Renaissance billiard table. My assistant and I start disassembling this mammoth 1200-pound slate pool table. Luckily for us, the weather in Laguna is perfect for the heavy lifting we are about to embark upon.

About 90 minutes and 1000 stairs later we finally have all of the pieces to the pool table loaded into my trailer. My client locks the doors and leads the way to his home in Irvine, CA. When we arrive at his home, he greets us with a smile and says, “look, no stairs.” He shows me inside to the spot where we’ll be setting up his new pride and joy.