Old Brunswick Goes Green Again

Aug 1, 2011

Here’s a recent job we did in Cypress, CA for a gentleman whose wife had used his 40-year-old Brunswick billiard table as a place to do her crafts. Apparently, she put several slices into the billiard cloth as she was working atop the slate. My client was a bit upset but knew that it could be fixed. He hired us to refelt the bed only with Standard Green, which was the original color he had chosen almost forty years ago. The two colors matched pretty well, considering they were from two different lots of billiard cloth.

My client told me he would still allow his wife to do crafts on his billiard table. But this time around he would order a custom hard top insert from us. This allows you to use your billiard table as a work table and not have to worry about the felt being ruined. We sell hard top inserts for most common size billiard tables as well as custom-fitted covers. With our hardtop insert and fitted cover combo, you can convert your pool/billiard table into a dining/buffet/craft table!