Connelly Billiards, American Made Quality At Every Level

Aug 3, 2011

The Sabino Classic is part of the Canyon collection by Connelly Billiards. Our American-made pool tables feature a solid maple wood cabinet, legs, blind aprons, and rails. It’s also available in a solid oak model. What sets a Connelly pool table apart from the competition is the construction of the cabinet. Most competitors don’t have mitered cabinet corners, all Connelly pool tables have rock solid 45-degree miters. Most other pool table manufacturers use a single bolt to connect the leg to the cabinet. Connelly uses two bolts that securely hold the leg to the leg mount, doubling the amount of pulling force at each leg connection. This provides a much more stable foundation for the over 500 lbs of Brazilian slate that Connelly uses for the pool table playing surface.

Now when it comes to connecting the slates to the cabinet, Connelly uses slate screws that are anchored directly into the vertical sidewalls of the cabinet. Most other pool table manufacturers’ slate screws are anchored into a flat piece of wood that hangs over the outside edge of the cabinet. This causes flex and sag, leading to uneven slates and an unlevel pool table.

The rails or cushions as they’re sometimes called, are the final pieces that complete the pool table. The rails are connected to the table using bolts that pass through holes in the slate. Each bolt is then threaded into an insert embedded in each of the rails. Most other pool table manufacturers use only three bolts per rail. Connelly uses four bolts per rail which allows for a much more secure connection between the rails and slate. This ultimately yields a much more solid rail mount, producing better action as the pool balls rebound from the cushions.