New Felt. New Pockets. OMG, It Looks Like A New Pool Table!

Aug 15, 2011

Last week in San Clemente, CA we returned to our client’s home to set up and refelt their older seven-foot World of Leisure pool table. On a previous trip, we had disassembled it for our clients who were in the midst of a game room/home remodel. We had actually moved this seven-footer into their home about six years earlier and at that time refelted the pool table with an Olive colored cloth. But now since the new flooring is done my clients wanted to change the look of their billiard table as well. There’s no better way, short of buying a brand new table, to change the overall look of your game room, than by simply refelting your existing pool table.

My clients pulled out all the stops by upgrading to a new set of black leather pool table pockets. The original pockets were in good enough shape to be used again, however, the new black billiard cloth felt that they had chosen made the old brown pockets stand out like sore thumbs.