Olhausen Billiard Table Facelift

Aug 19, 2011

We recently serviced an eight-foot Olhausen Grand Champion billiard table for our client in Brea, CA. He purchased this table used a couple of years ago and decided it was time to replace the original worsted wool cloth that the table came with. Our client was no beginner when it came to shooting pool. He has played in many tournaments all over the country. In fact, when he walked through the door of our billiard service center to look at colors, he specifically asked for Simonis 860 billiard cloth. After a brief conversation about some of the advantages of recovering his billiard table with Tour Edition, he decided to pull the trigger. So in lieu of bragging rights, he chose the lesser-known, more affordable, and comparable playing, Tour Edition 3030 cloth by Championship. Of the many colors that this high-quality worsted wool cloth comes in, our client decided on the Tournament Green color.