Billiard Table Puzzle From Texas

Aug 25, 2011

This family of five from Rossmoor, CA had just relocated from Texas. The family purchased this eight-foot American Heritage billiard table new in 2007. When my assistant and I arrived at the two-story Rossmoor home to re-install the billiard table, it was in many, many small pieces. Normally when a billiard table is disassembled, the mechanic doing the tear-down usually just removes the rails, felt, and slates. They sometimes remove the four legs from the cabinet. In this case, someone took it upon themselves to unscrew every last screw and dismantled every piece of wood that was possible.

Normally, after we’ve disassembled the top end of an American Heritage pool table, we simply detach the four legs and then reattach them to the cabinet cross members. The manufacturer was smart when they designed their tables, there are four holes, two on each cross member to allow the legs to be fastened to the inside of the cabinet. Then the whole cabinet, legs tucked away on the inside, is wrapped with furniture pads. When the load reaches its destination, the pool table setup is much faster, saving the client money in the end.