Backyard Billiards Bungalow

Aug 30, 2011

Here’s an interesting job that started a few weeks ago as just a service call. A homeowner from Yorba Linda, CA purchased an outdoor pool table for her son. She purchased it through Craigslist from someone in Central California. After she and a friend traveled hundreds of miles to pick up the outdoor pool table, they set it up in her backyard. A couple of weeks go by and her son starts noticing that none of the balls roll straight. Frustrated with her failed attempts to level the pool table, she calls on the Pool Table Experts for some professional results.

In less than 60 seconds, I bluntly delivered the bad news to my hopeful client. Her loving intentions aside, this pool table was a piece of junk and could not ever be leveled. I sarcastically said to her that she needed to buy a slate pool table if she ever wanted to enjoy a game of pool where the balls didn’t wander all over the place. She gave me a deposit on the spot and asked me when I could deliver her a “real” pool table. I told her that I had four Addisons on order from C.L. Bailey that were due to be delivered any day now.

A couple of weeks later we returned to her home to deliver and install her brand new seven-foot slate pool table. This was a first for me, as my candidness actually paid off. Finished with the installation, walking back to the van, a smile comes over my face as I hear the crack from the balls as the first game is played.