Yes ladies and gentlemen, when we say widowmaker we mean it literally. A nice family from Laguna Niguel, CA are the owners of this 1970’s pool table. I call it the widowmaker because of how heavy the slate is. It’s an eight foot, one piece slate pool table that when professionally disassembled, we’re still left with a huge piece of slate weighing 450 pounds. It’s risky enough to move a widowmaker from a ground floor location to a ground floor location, but add in a flight of stairs with two landings and it’s a recipe for death and destruction. Or at least serious personal harm or property damage. But I’m the pool table king, I’ve moved my fair share of 10 foot billiard tables with inch and half thick slates and many eight foot single slate pool tables such as this dandy! I think if the client hadn’t had such an emotional attachment to his Grandfather’s old pool table it would have been left for the new homeowners to inherit.