Brunswick Pool Tables; What’s In A Name?

Oct 5, 2011

This particular pool table we’re setting up for some clients in Anaheim, CA. The family just relocated here from Texas and brought their Brunswick pool table with them. The couple was unaware of the sub-par quality of their 8′ slate pool table. The Mr. and I spoke a little about the reasons why he bought this particular model table from Brunswick’s contender series. He honestly told me the reason he purchased this table was that the nameplate said Brunswick on it. He thought this meant he was buying quality when in actuality he had purchased a cheap import with a fancy nameplate on it.

Please do your homework when buying your first pool table, don’t buy because of a name. Please don’t always assume quality based on name brand. The brands we carry all have a one-inch backed slate, cabinets that are built much more sturdily, and stained woods that match many decors. Please visit our Orange County pool table showroom to find out the differences between name brands.