Pool Table Storage Made Easy

Oct 31, 2011

This pool table we serviced for a client who had just purchased it from a co-worker, but unfortunately our client had nowhere to setup the pool table. This eight foot American Heritage “SoHo” pool table was probably purchased new by the former Eastvale, CA homeowner. When the house was sold last year, the pool table came with it as part of the deal. Unfortunately the current homeowner is not a big fan of playing pool, so my client got a great deal on a slightly used, slate pool table. But the only problem was, my client currently resides in a small apartment in Anaheim Hills and really had no space large enough to have the pool table setup.

No problem for the pool table experts, we handle situations like these on a regular basis. When our client called us to book his pool table service he told us that he wasn’t planning on setting up the pool table, so we dismantled the eight foot slate pool table and moved it to his single car garage for safekeeping.