Newport Beach Pool Table Setup

Nov 4, 2011

This seven-foot, three-piece slate pool table is going back together after our client’s floors were re-done. My crew and I tore down this ABC seven-footer and moved it out to their garage for a couple of weeks while the construction was going on. Before we returned to this Newport Beach, CA home to set up the table, my client decided she wanted us to recover the seven-year-old family pool table. She chose our most popular color, camel.

This type of billiard service is what we call a new flooring move and has become much more common these days. Back in the old days, most pool table owners didn’t realize a table is actually made up of three pieces of slate and could be easily damaged by moving it without disassembling first. Also, back then, unaware of the potential for damage, contractors used to man-handle a slate pool table in their way. Now due to lawsuit-happy homeowners, most flooring contractors will not start a job unless the pool table has been removed prior to his crew starting a remodel job.