Out With The Old, In With The New

Nov 20, 2011

It’s always nice to inherit something new. For example, this nice family from Anaheim Hills, CA recently moved into their new home and became the new owners of this eight-foot slate pool table. The only thing the new owners didn’t like was the fact that one of the corner pockets had completely fallen off. Our client’s assistant initially had booked us for just a pocket repair, but when I arrived at the home to repair the pocket I realized it was a modern style leather drop pocket. The original billiard mechanic who installed the pockets had erroneously cut off all of the support straps from the pockets. In doing so this caused the part of the pocket which held the balls to tear away from the stitching that connected the top and bottom halves of the pocket. I took a look at the other pockets and noticed small tears forming right where the stitching started and ended. It would only be a matter of time before all of the pockets would tear off.

At this point, I told the assistant it would be better to replace all of the pockets so that I would be able to properly secure them to the bottom of the slate. The only bummer is that the original pockets were not a standard size. The client agreed to have me replace all of the pockets and also wanted to refelt the pool table with camel billiard cloth. So I removed a side pocket and a corner pocket to take with me as samples for proper sizing. I shipped the samples to Hood Leather Goods and in about four weeks I had the new pockets in my possession. My assistant and I went back out to the home and refelted the pool table then replaced all of the pockets. The client wasn’t really fond of the original color of the pockets, so she decided to go with black leather.