The Great Delmo Pool Table Reunion

Jan 7, 2012

This was a rewarding pool table move job that my assistant and I recently did for a famous motion picture director named John Guillermin. John explained to me the origin of this massive nine-foot slate pool table. He told me that a Danish craftsman had built this beautiful billiard table for him in the late 1960s. Apparently, the table was manufactured by Delmo Billiard Mfg. of Los Angeles, CA. I’ve serviced a lot of Delmo pool tables in my career as a billiard mechanic, so I know these tables were built as solid as a tank. The fact that this table is nearly 50 years old and that the mitered corners of the cabinet are still tight tells me that the Dane who crafted this and all of the pool tables Delmo cranked out of their LA factory should be considered family heirlooms.

About seven years ago John hired us to move his pool table to a friend’s house up in the mountains of Ojai, CA. for safekeeping. There it sat in a garage, covered and lonely for nearly seven years. John had resettled into a new home and was anxious to have his baby back with him again. He had an ample size billiard room built just so he could relive his pool playing days. John told me that he and his good friend Fred Astaire used to play pool on this table late into the night. John was very glad to be finally reunited with his Delmo pool table.