How Not To Recushion Pool Table Rails

Feb 1, 2012

Here is a recent pool table service job we performed for our client in Orange, CA. These pool table cushions were replaced only six years ago. Due to a lack of experience, the previous pool table installer used the incorrect type of adhesive. Our client is having to replace the cushion rubber much, much sooner than he should. Not to mention the fact that the previous pool table mechanic used the cheapest cushion rubber they could find. Four out of the six pool table cushions were hard as rocks and years earlier had become detached from the rail when the adhesive used failed to bond properly.

When you hire the pool table experts to repair your pool table, we’ll take our time and do it the right way. That means that when it comes to re-cushioning pool table rails, we don’t replace them at your home. We’ll pick them up, bring them to our pool table service center and return them to your home about a week and a half later. We like to allow several days of drying time to allow the proper cushion rubber adhesion.