Looking for a Quality Slate Pool Table?

Mar 7, 2012

Are you in the market for a new pool table? You may be surprised to know that not all pool tables are created equal. Understanding the key components of a pool table will help you make wiser decisions before you pull the trigger on just the first nameplate you see.

Yes, almost everyone knows that Brunswick makes pool tables, but they’re not as American as they’d like you to believe. In fact, all of their Contender Series pool tables are made in China. With their thin-walled cabinets and thin unframed slate, all you’re getting for your two thousand dollars is a low-quality Chinese pool table with a Brunswick nameplate on the rail. I’m not knocking import pool tables by any means. What I don’t like, is their deceptive marketing tactics.

Dollar for dollar our slate pool tables, (which are made in Malaysia and China) are constructed similarly to Brunswick, but with the exception of our slates being permanently framed with wood and are a full one inch thick. Also, our cabinets are 25% thicker and feature double interlocking width and length slate supports which yields a much more level playing surface. Just because you have not heard of Fischer or C.L. Bailey pool tables does not mean they are inferior. Look beyond the nameplate and take a look at what’s inside our tables, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!