Does Pool Table Felt Color Affect My Game?

Mar 25, 2012

Many people have asked me, “what’s the best felt color to put on my pool table?” From the point of view of a serious pool or billiards player, green billiard cloth has been the best choice to play on. The reason is, that the color green is supposedly the easiest on the players’ eyes. But in the past few years, the old Standard Green has become somewhat obsolete. A lot of big pool tournaments are now being played on Tournament Blue. The latest studies have shown that the color blue is less straining on the human eye than any other color. I’ve also heard that the color Red is probably the worst color of felt to play on for many hours at a time. Supposedly, it puts the most strain on the eyes. If you’re interested in refelting your older worn out pool table, you can check out all of the felt colors we have to offer in our Orange County pool table service center.