What’s the Best Size Pool Table to Have?

Pool Table Size vs Your Room Size…

Most people who are toying with idea of purchasing a pool table are unaware of the space requirements needed to comfortably play the game of billiards. Additionally, some folks don’t ever realize that a slate pool table can be purchased in many different sizes. For example, let’s say your would be gameroom is 11.5 feet by 14.5 feet. You’d never want to try and squeeze an eight foot pool table into that space. But you could definitely fit a seven footer in a room this size, with the use of some shorter length cuesticks. What’s that you say? You didn’t know there was such a thing as a “shorty” cue? We actually have custom sized cuesticks ranging in size from 36 inches all the way up to a standard size cue at 58 inches. Speaking of sizes, that brings me to my next subject. Pool table sizes. Yes. We can actually customize a slate pool table too.

We offer American made pool tables by Connelly Billiards in sizes ranging from 3 by 6 foot all the way up to a mammoth 5 by 10 foot. So you see, it’s all about your room size and/or your tolerance for using a shorter cuestick. The two best things you can do for yourself are knowing the sizes of the “playfield” of the pool table and the size of your room.

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  1. I have an 18’6” x 14’ room. Would prefer the 9’ table, but don’t want to be restricted at all with my stroke or use any stick less than 58”. Would this work?

  2. I have a 11.10 19 ftL room what size pool table will fit. I really want to get one but I want to make sure it will fit proper with room for a chair or two on one of the ends

    • A seven footer might work depending on configuration of room. If one of the walls on the width is open to another room, you could possibly fit an eight. Please use our room chartt to assist.

  3. Hey,
    I have a room that is 10.5 foot wide and 20 foot long, do you think I can fit an 8 foot table with short cues or would a 7 footer be better? I don’t really mind that much using short cues, and I will have enough room to break with a reg. cue.. what do you think?

    • 7 would be better based on width. You have enough length for 8, but it would make side shots uncomfortable even with a short cue.

    • You’d probably need couple more feet in length unless the 18′ side opens to another room.

  4. I am in the process of building a house and the basement after bedrooms and utility room I will have a 20 x 30 foot open space right in the center the only thing being the stairs coming down one wall, what size table would you recommend? there will also be a bar style dart board in there.

    • That space is big enough for a 9′ tournament size. But, you’ll have to make sure you can get the frame/slates downstairs. Some basement entries might not be able to accommodate the slate pieces. Check your doorway and any stair measurements.

      We don’t have many basements here in Southern California, but the few that are here usually have pretty tight openings.

    • Hi Brendan, that’s a pretty small room to set-up a pool table, but if you’re dead set to do so then I’d say a 7 footer would be best. The ends of the pool table will be drastically compromised but adding a 42 inch pool cue would alleviate the constant need to elevate the back of your cue to allow you to shoot. We offer custom pool tables by Connelly Billiards and could even make a 3×6 foot table which would fit into your space even better! Best wishes, PTK.

  5. Hi I have a 14X12 room with one 14′ side being completely open, thinking i could cheat the table a little towards the opening (it’s a hallway). Would a 7′ be ok for this?

  6. Hi, I have a 19’2″ x 15’4″ room in which I will be putting a 9ft table. Would I need shorter cues?
    Thank you

    • Hello, you’ll be able to use the standard length cues for every shot. This room is plenty big for a 9ft pool table!
      Best wishes, PTK.

      • Thank you that puts my mind at ease! One or two players in my family are quite short, so they would like shorter cues (somewhere between 52 to 56 inches), but I ma having a hard time finding cues in that size range with 12/13mm tips. Do you know anyone who sells short cues? Thank you

  7. Hi, I have a 13′ 3″ wide by 15′ long room. I would love to get an 8′ table, but not sure if these dimensions would work. The room is L-shaped — for half the room there is more than 13’3″ in width.

    • Hi Tim, an 8ft pool table is ok but you’ll need to use a 48 “shorty” cue for the ends of the table. A 7ft is a much better option for your space and is still fun and challenging to play on.
      Thanks for reading my blog.

        • That’s an ample size room which will easily accommodate a “standard size” 8 foot pool table.
          Thanks for reading my blog, PTK.

      • Also I have the option of different size pockets 4.5 or 4 3/4 what is your opinion on this as well ,I play on a valley bar box at the moment not to sure on the specs of these tables

        • Bar pool tables generally have pretty ample size Pockets. So if you used to playing on a bar table I’d go for the 4 and 3/4 in. Great question

    • Hello. My room is 13 feet wide and 35 feet long. My hesitation is on the width. Most websites state that my room needs to be 14 feet for me to be able to situate an 8 x 4 table there. You appear to have a different suggestion. Would I be ok in going with an 8 x 4 or a 9 x 4 table, or should I stick to a 3.5 x 7. Thanks.

  8. Hello. We were all set to purchase an 8 ft table for a room that measures 13’6″ by 20″. We have now come across an oversized 8 table that we really like so that will be the choice. My question is on the 13’6″ dimension. This is only a restriction due to a single small column on one side of the table. If we center in the space should we be fine? Or would we be better off ‘cheating’ slightly to the side of the column (i.e. Away from the wall)? Thanks so much!

    • Hello Patrick and thanks for reading my blog. I think you should set the pool table on the side with the wall at 58 inches which will give you plenty of room to play and you may need to use a 52 inch cue on the pole side or the column side rather but that’s a very small portion of the overall playing surface.
      Best regards, PTK.

  9. Hello. I have a 12.5 wide no open space and 20ft length room. Wondering if I should go the comfortable route with a 7 footer or “squeeze” in the 8 footer?

    • I think squeezing an 8′ would work. You’re only a few inches shy and will need a 52″ for shots on short side when the cue ball is resting on the rail.

  10. Hi, I purchased a house and want to get a pool table. There are a few options for placement… 26′ x 13′ Living room with built in shelving that reduces the width down to 12′. This room is where we’d ideally like to put it. There is also a 16′ x 15′ Family room or a large basement with a few support posts we may have to work around. Assuming we get a 7′ table, where do you think would be best to put it?


    • Hi Chris, the family room width of 12 foot will not be too bad at all assuming you’ll be buying a 7ft pool table. You’ll have to purchase a 52 inch cue for those occasional shots when your cueball is on the rail or within 5 inches. No biggie though!
      Best regards, PTK.

  11. Hello, I have a game room that’s 19 x 15 trying to see if we should get a 7, 7 1/2 or 8ft and what size ques to use.. Thanks

    • Hello with that size room you can fit an 8ft pool table without any problems at all. You will be able to use the standard length cue sticks.
      Best wishes, David Kay

  12. Hi, my dining room size is 10 ft width and 13 ft length. Do you think I can fit a 7footer table. Thanks your input would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Hello,

    My room is 15’6″ x 13’6″. I know 7′ table would fit better, but I’m used to playing on an 8′ table. Would you recommend going with a 7′ and have no que restrictions, or go with an 8′ and use a shorty cue for those shots that are frozen up against the rail?



    • If there is a chance that you may move the table to a bigger room in the future, I’d go with the 8′. You can practice your bank shot if you want to limit your use of a short cue. A 7′ would absolutely fit better, but you’ll have to weigh all your options for current and possibly future homes.

    • hi Chris, the length of your room is a bit tight but you still could fit a 7 foot pool table in there. You’ll want to purchase a couple shorty cuesticks such as a 36 inch and 42 inch.
      Best, PTK.

  14. Hi, I have a room that is 10’10” x 13’6″. There are large openings at the ends so 13’6″ gets much longer. The openings aren’t the full 10’10” width – they are 5’10” wide and 9′.

    There is a 4′ wide window that adds about 4″ more to the 10’10” side.

    Can I fit a 7′ table if I use a 36″ or 48″ cue on the sides?

    • Hi Tony, unfortunately this room is too small even for a 7 foot pool table. Unless you are ok with using 36 inch cues for a majority of your shots, I would not install a pool table in this room. Best wishes, PTK.

  15. Hi, I have a room roughly 22 feet by 17 feet. What’s the biggest pool table I can comfortably put in there please?

    • Hi Daniel, you’d have two options on installing your proposed pool table. The first would be to buy a nine foot pool table and center it lengthwise within the 22 feet but you may want to keep one of the ends of the table at the recommended minimum distance of 5 feet, doing this will leave an extra 4 feet on the other end to furnish with seating and tables. The second option would be buying an eight foot pool table an positioning lengthwise within the 17 foot portion of the room and allowing the standard 5 foot spacing along one of the sides of the pool table. If you decided on option #2 you would be affording yourself the most usable excess space while still having full, uncramped usage of the pool table. Visit my FAQ section to view my gameroom planning guide. DK

  16. Hi David, I have a dining room with large pocket doors that open 4 feet on the long end, room dimensions 13’6″ x 11’2″. Any way I could put a 7′ table in there and still have fun?

    • Good question Kevin, your width would be fine but the the 4 corners of the pool table would be very tight. Even with the ends of the room being able to open will help some the corner shots will be greatly hindered.
      Best regards, David

  17. I want to purchase a pool table for a senior citizens center. I have looked at some and there is an abundance of nice looking used 7 foot tables. I have an 8 ft table at home. Is there a significant difference in playing one versus the other? Do you think we would be satisfied with a 7 footer?

    • Sheila, the size of pool table really only comes into play when either the proposed gameroom will not accommodate an 8ft pool table or the person is a barroom player and wants to hone his or her skills at home on a 7ft table. I think that if the senior center’s gameroom is larger enough to comfortably accommodate a 9ft pool table you should seek one out for the seniors. For a 9ft table the room should be at least 14×18 feet.
      Best wishes, David

  18. Hi, I’m building a house right now. There is a spot in my basement that will be 14 x 20 feet (the 20 foot side is opened to the rest of the basement). I know an 8 foot table should fit. Would a 9 foot table fit? Or do you think it will be too tight? I’d prefer to use standard 58″ cues if possible.

  19. I have a room that is 14′ 8″ x 13′ 2″. It is open on one of the walls on the 13′ 2″ dimension. What size table would fit comfortably in this room?

    • Hi Andre, I would feel comfortable with placing a 7 foot pool table in this space.
      Good luck, David

    • Andy, this space is perfect for an 8 foot pool table. You’re only slightly narrow bu about 1.5 inches on each side but your length is fine. I wouldn’t be too concerned with the inch and a half, you’ll have plenty of fun in there. David

  20. I have a cellar that could fit a 6′ or 7′ size table. I had a slate 6′ table in a previous house but we moved to a small cottage but it has a cellar. However, the aperture to get into the cellar is not wide enough to get a single piece slate bed through it. Are there any slate beds that are in pieces?

    • John, their are many pool tables manufactured today that utilize a three piece slate design although not as many 6 footers. You’ll have much more success finding a used 7 foot pool table and if your cellar will accommodate this size then you’re good to go. Each piece of slate will measure 46 by 29 inches and hopefully this will allow for an easier fit through you restrictive apertures.
      Best, PTK.

  21. I have 15×15 game room. There are walls on only 2 sides. One side opens up to a walk way and the other a balcony rail. To accommodate walking space and crazy kids, The pool table would have to run long ways with a wall at one end and the balcony rail at the other. I really prefer an 8 ft table, could I make this work and not regret it?

    • You would be almost 2 feet short on the ends if you went with an 8ft pool table. It’s doable, you’d need to use 48 inch cuesticks for shots within about 11 inches of both end rails. So if you positioned the head of the table at one of the open ends of the room you could still break with a standard 58 inch cue. Going to a 7ft pool table you’d be able to free up 10 inches of space, five inches on each end possibly. I’d probably go for the 7 footer as it will fit into your space the best.

    • Serge, the only way for me to answer your question would be to measure the height of you cushions. Can you take a tape measure and measure from playing surface to the center of the nose of your cushion. Try to be accurate as possible. It should measure approximately 1 and 13 32nd of an inch.
      Best wishes, David

  22. My room is 13’2″ by 13’3″. Would a 7 ft table be best? Theres an open spot to the entryway. What size cue sticks would be best?

    • I’m sorry Andrew, but even if you had a 3×6 foot pool table in there it’s still too small a room to play pool. You can fit a bumper pool table in there but that’s about 2×4 foot.
      Hope this helps, DK.

  23. I have a covered patio that I want to put a outdoor pool table on. The area I want to use is about 12’8″ – 13′ wide and there is just about 16′ space open for the length. So it is right on the bare minimum for an 8′ table with 52″ cues. I laid out a sheet of plywood in that area and the space around it sure looks small. Should I go that route or settle for a 7′ table instead? Although prefer the larger table for game play, the outdoor tables are so expensive etc. I don’t want to make the wrong call.

    • Michael, I think an 8 foot pool table with occasional 52 inch cue stick usage is fine. On another note, is your patio covered overhead? Are you located in So. Calif or in an area that’s usually dry? My point being that many of our customers have opted to buy a traditional, non outdoor pool table with the addition of an outdoor cover with extra long skirting to protect from the elements.
      Best, PTK.

      • Thanks for your input..greatly appreciated. Yes the area is covered overhead. I live about 30 miles north of Dallas, TX. The weather here is unpredictable to say the least. It can be very dry during the summers and also fairly humid and soggy at times. Are there some traditional pool tables you could recommend that might be suited for this application?

        • Michael, we would suggest searching your area for a used Valley or Dynamo pool table. These tables are primarily used in bars but would be a great addition to your patio gameroom! These tables have a one piece slate and therefore would not be subject to the problems you may encounter when installing a three piece slate pool table outdoors, especially in your Texas climate. If you can’t find a decent, used Valley or Dynamo then I’d call the people who make them. The factory is located in Richland Hills, TX.
          Good luck, PTK.

  24. Hello I’m Nathan I have a room 13.1 × 20 can I fit a 9 foot gold crown? , thank you so much for your time 🙂

    • Nathan, the width of your room is a slightly too narrow. Ideally 13 ft 9 in is recommended for a 9ft pool table but you can always buy a 52 inch cuestick and your problem is solved. If it were me I’d go for it!
      Thanks for your question, Dave.

      • Good morning thank you so much for your reply, my table is actually an over sized 8 foot gold crown 2, and I think I would only have two areas were I would have to use a 54 inch cue, what do you think?, have a fantastic day and thank you so much for your time in reading this message. Nathan 🙂

        • Good morning Nathan, a pro 8 foot pool table will fit much better! You should probably buy a weighted 52 inch pool cue or cut down one of your own to 54 inches. Happy Cueing, BM.

  25. I appreciate your blog and advice. About to make my first pool table purchase. Was hoping you could weigh in on experience.

    I have 17′ x 13′ room. As laid out about half the table length is open on either side. Im familiar with the room charts, so know I can fit a 7′ with full cue and an 8′ with 52″ cues.

    What’s your advice/preference for casual pool playing? Go with a 7 unhindered or an 8 with some caveats? Thanks!

    • Hello Brice, I would go for the 8ft pool table because you’re really only 1.5 inches shy on the sides, using a 52 inch cuestick would only be a seldom necessity. Plus I think playing on an 8ft is a little more fun and if you were to ever sell the pool table I think 8 footers are more sought-after which may make finding a buyer a little easier. Thanks for your question, Dave.

  26. Hi,

    I have a 14.5 by 16.5 foot room. I am trying to determine if a 7 foot table is preferable or an 8 foot with a shorter cue.


    • You’ll have to consider if one of the sides is open to another space or walkway. For instance, a formal living room that shares a space with a dining room. This may sway your decision.
      Honestly, I think you’d be okay with an 8′. You’re only 2.5″ short on each end. Use of a short cue would be infrequent (only when the cue ball is touching rail). If you are okay with the short cue for those few shots in the game, go for the eight.
      If you don’t want to ever worry about changing cue length, go seven.

  27. Hi,

    The room I have is a 11’11” X 16. One side of the 11’11” wall is full but the other side the wall only comes across 7 ft and the rest of the 11’11” ft wall is open. What size table should I get? (I think a 7 ft would fit best) And should I center it to the room? Or have it closer to the opening?

    • Hi Joe, I think a 7ft pool table would fit the best. You’ll have to use a 52 inch cuestick for some side shots but will be comfortable. As far as utilizing the open portion of the wall, sounds good if you’re okay with not centering the table in the space. On the day of delivery I’d bring the pool table frame into the space and make the determination based on looks versus functionality.
      Fun times ahead, PTK.

  28. My room is 13′ 2″ W x 13′ 10″ L. Would prefer a 7′ over 6′ pool table, but wondering about stick size for the 7′ table in the tight areas when cue is up against or close to the rail. There is a 4′ opening at one end of the table which would be where we break from…please advise . Thanks! TC

    • Hi Tony, I think it’s doable with a 7 foot pool table but you will need to use a 42 inch cue stick for some of the shots near the foot and head of the pool table the sides are no problem you can use a standard size cue stick for those shots. Good luck and thanks for reading my blog.

  29. Hello,

    I have a dining room space that is 10’6″ wide and open on one side and 12’6” length. Do you think I can fit a table in there.

    • Hi Tim, I think a 3.5×7 foot pool table will “fit” but you’ll have to use 36-42 inch cue sticks for the majority of the shots. You may be able to use a standard size cue along the open side of the room. It’s not ideal but are you really going to be hosting Billiards Tournaments? Best regards, David.

  30. Hello, I want to put a table under a deck that will be screened in. I was wondering if an 8ft table would work in an area of 12 by 16. I play with a 57 in cue. Could I get away with most shots without hinderance? Thanks!

    • Hello Michael, 13ft 3in wide by 16ft 10in is ideal for your 57-58 inch pool cue. so given that you’d be at a 15 inch width and 10 inch length deficit, then divide by 2 and you’re left with 7.5 inch and 5 inch less shooting clearance width and length doesn’t sound too bad. A 52 inch cuestick would come in handy for the “tight spots”. I say go for it! Happy cueing, Dave.

    • Hi Doran, I need more specific dimensions of the room and where exactly the pillar is situated. Best regards, David.

  31. I have a 12′-4″ x 17′-0″ room with walls on all sides. In your opinion, would guests prefer an 8′ table occasionally using a shorter cue, or a 7′ table?

    • Hello Brian, I think in either case you and your friends will have fun. If you opt for the 8ft pool table then using a 52 inch pool cue for an occasional shot would be the least of my worries.
      Cheers, David.

        • Hello Kristin I think an eight foot table would be a tad bit too long unless you’re comfortable using 42inch QS four shots on the ends of the pool table I think a 7 foot pool table would be better suited for that size room. Good luck and thanks for reading my blog David

    • Hello Harley, your room would work lengthwise but your width would be 2.5 inches narrower than called for but not bad. If it were me I’d go for it. Only time you’d have an issue is when the cueball would be on the rail or within 2.5 inches of a siderail. I’d cut down one cuestick to 54 inches and use it as needed. Best wishes, Dave.

    • Hey Shaun, check out my FAQ section for room dimensions. I think it’d be a wee bit tight on some side shots but if you’re cool using a 42 inch cue stick for an occasional shot or two you’ll be able to accommodate a seven foot pool table. Best of luck, David.

  32. I have a dining room that I’d like to put a pool table in. The room is 12’x28′ – it’s not open on any sides other than doorways. Thoughts on size table? I’d like to use a standard size cue.

    • Hi Dee, You will be able to play pool comfortably on a 7 foot pool table. You will need to purchase a slightly shorter pool cue though, I’d recommend a 52 inch cue to use on an occasion when the cue ball is within 6 inches or less from the side rails. Thanks for reading my pool table blog. Best, Dave.

  33. David. Building a house and the basement has a space that is 11’2″ (W-E) by ~20′ (N-S). The 11’2″ E side is closed and the 11’2″ W side is open but there are two load bearing columns that are each 10″ by 10″ with the N column right at the edge of the 11’2″ W side, 5′ from the northern most part of the 20′ N side and the S column right at the edge of the 11’2″ W side, 5′ from the southern most part of the 20′ S side. There are 6’10” between the two columns. Hopefully that schematic makes sense.

    For a 7′ table, obviously my room doesn’t quite fit within the parameters you’ve outlined in your suggested dimensions of width for even the 48″ cues (your FAQ mentions 11’3″ and for 57″ cues I would need 12’9″). I assume I could have the table positioned closer to the open 11’2″ W side freeing up more than enough spice on the closed 11’2″ E side, but then I run into the problem of the two 10″ by 10″ columns as they would then be even closer to the 11’2″ W side.

    Thoughts on whether centering it and simply playing with 48″ cues is the best approach or whether I should simply set the table closer to the open 11’2″ W side and then deal with the two columns being closer? Under that set up many shots would be free of any obstruction, but plenty would still be obstructed by the columns – what do you think?

    • Hello J, I’d center a 7 foot pool table in the space and simply use a 48 inch cue along the Eastern wall and possibly a 42 inch cue to contend with the two 10″ by 10″ columns on the West side of room. I think you’ll still enjoy a decent enough game of pool. Thanks for reading my blog, Dave.

  34. I have plenty of room and currently own an 8 ft slate table that is quite old but in decent shape. I am being offered a 7 ft bar table that is like new but don’t know if I will like the smaller table as much. Any thoughts?

    • There is much to consider. Generally speaking, the bigger your table the more proficient a player you will become. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons. Your current table is in “decent” condition. Are you referring to the cosmetic or playing condition? How old is old? Does it need work? Brandname is going to play a factor. You will have fun on 7′. The games tend to play a bit quicker and folks who don’t play as often don’t feel as intimidated. But 8′ is a good middle ground between Professional and bar size. Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better. But it might. Do your homework. Go to a neighborhood bar to get some play on a smaller table.

      • Thank you for the response. Not sure exactly how old my current 8′ is but I have had about 10 years and was told it was old when given to me. It plays fine though probably needs to be refelted. One of the corner pockets looks a little worn but still does its job for now. The brand name on the pockets is ABC (Atlantic Billiard Corporation). The 7′ bar table being offered to me is a Dynamo and is used but refurbished and basically looks new. I will get some play time on a 7′ before deciding. Can you tell me anything about the brands I mentioned? Thank you.

  35. HI I have a 1 feet by 15 feet room- is there any way I can get a 7 feet table as that is what my kids want- will it be possible to play with a shorter cue stick the tight shots.Thanks

  36. Quick follow-up: would it be possible to use a 42″ cue for the side shots? Or, would that be pushing it?

  37. Hi – I have an 8′ table, and I’m moving into a new house. Unfortunately, the only possible room for my table is 11′ x 26′. The 26′ length is fine, but the 11′ width is clearly a concern. Can I get away with using a 36″ cue for the side shots? Thanks for your help.

  38. I am building a home and the third floor bonus is 12’1″ x 24′. There is a game room on the second floor but I would love to keep the table on the third floor. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

    • If you position the table using the open end to accommodate the length (i.e. the head of the table at room’s opening) a 7′ or 8′ would work. I would suggest using our room planning chart, because although an 8′ will technically fit, a 7′ may feel more comfortable in that space.

  39. if you don’t mind another question, I have a 14×16 room and am wondering if an 8 foot would work. I’m guessing a 7 foot table would be no problem, but would rather have an 8.

    • If one of the ends of the room is open to another room or entryway you’ll be okay. Otherwise you’ll be using a short cue for some of your shots on the 44×88 playing surface. Ideally, we’d like to see the room size be 13’3″ x 16’10”. Check our gameroom planning chart for more details.

  40. Hi. I have 11 x 20 foot garage. Can I get away with 7 foot table or would I need to stick with 6 foot because I’ve heard I’d need at least an extra 5″ width for a 7 footer? I don’t mind using a shorty for the odd shot (say 1 in 5ish) but if I needed it for every other shot it would drive me mad. What do you think? If you think I can still have a good game that feels “grown up” with a 48″ I don’t mind doing that…?
    Thank you 🙂

    • hello katy, yes i think you’d be fine with a 7 foot pool table in the space you have, with the occasional use of a shorty cue stick. a 48 inch short cue would do the trick just fine and you can also purchase a 42 inch cue just in case. best wishes, dave.

  41. I have a basement that’s open but the load bearing pole is 12′ 9″ wide. I was looking at 4×8 or 7 x 3.5. I’m a very good player. Wouldn’t mind playing on a bar table but love a big table. The second pole might even come into play with this basement. Should I do the smaller or more traditional? Length is not an issue

    • Hello Brian, you might be better off with the 7′ size pool table. It depends on how much of the post will interfere with your game. Another idea is to have a custom size pool cue made for the instances when cueball is closer to beam. It’s not terrible on your game to use a shorty cue.
      Best wishes, Dave.

    • You would be fine with an 8′. Suggested room dimensions for 44×88 pool table are 13’3″ x 16’10”

  42. I have a 13×15 room (with decent size opening on one side of room) and trying to decide on 8ft pool table w 42 or 48 in cues or 7 ft table w 48 or 52 in cues. Prefer the 8ft but not if folks will constantly be annoyed by the 42-48 in cues. Can you enjoy playing with 42 in cues? Thanks! Alex

    • Hello Alex, I’d personally go for a seven footer and use 48-52 inch cue sticks occasionally. Yes it will be fun!
      Best wishes, Dave.

  43. I have an 8 foot table that I want to bring to my new house. Problems is the room is 12’7″ wide. I could use a shorty cue right? My only concern is that it would take away from the game if people are playing here. Opinion?

    • Hi Brandon, that’s actually not too bad for width. A 52 inch pool cue will solve the problem of not quite enough space side to side. I would not think your guests would mind using a “shorty” cue for some of their shots. Best wishes, Dave.

  44. I have unlimited room and im above average player. I want to get very good. im used to playing on bar room 7ft. but should I consider a 9 ft table at my house or would the angle mess me up too much when I play 7 ft tables?

    • Hi zach, if you are looking to play with the big boys then a 4.5 x 9 foot size pool table id what you want. Adjustments can be made to yourself mentally to downsizing to a bar table. It may only take a few rscks to sync your game.
      Best thoughts, dave.

  45. I have a formal dining room that if love to convert to a game room. It’s 12×13 and completely open on one side. What dimensions would I have to use for a room of this size? Thanks!!

    • Hi Mallory, it may be possible to fit a smaller size pool table in there. We custom make a 3 ft by 6 ft size table coupled with the occasional use of some “shorty” cue sticks. Best, Dave.

  46. no. length can be up to 20 feet, so not a problem, but width is actually closer to 9′ 8″ between the walls, and no open sides.

    • Sorry Bruce but I don’t think you’ll bee able to fit even the smallest size (3×6) foot pool table in your space, unless you were to use a 42 inch cue stick for some side of table shots. Best, Dave.

    • ok. you mentioned the width of the room was 9.5 feet wide? are there any open sides to the in this space? if so it may be possible to install a 3 by 6 foot pool table.

    • Hello Bob, your room is fantastically huge and therefore ample in size for even a behemoth of a pool table. In layman’s terms you can fit any size billiard table you wish including and up to a 4.5 x 9 foot “tournament” size table.

  47. I have a 12′-5 wide x 18′ room and not sure if I should get a 7 foot or 8 foot table. I hear that a 8 footer is actually easier to “run” the table because it spaces the balls a little more giving you less congestion or less balls in the way ot the pockets?

    • Ideally and 8′ pool table works in a room 16’10″x13’3″. Your room is a little narrow for an 8′. It would work if one of those sides was open you wouldn’t have to use a short cue for your shots on the rail. In theory, an 8′ is easier to run because there is more space. However, 7′ long shots are much shorter, making it easier to sink a ball that isn’t close to a pocket. Most experienced players will modify their break on a 7′ (and even 8′ if they are used to playing on a 9′) to accommodate for the smaller space for the balls. There are definitely pros and cons to all sizes of pool tables.

    • Hello Tony, that’s a pretty small room. Is the the room open on either end of the 12.5 foot length? If not you’ll have to use a 36 inch pool cue when you play from the ends of the table and 48 inch cues from the sides and this is assuming we’d be installing a 3×6 foot pool table in there. If an end and/or side of the room were open I’d say go for it! You can download my game room planning guide to help you visualize the layout, it’s on my FAQ page. Thanks for the comment, Dave.

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