Beverly Hills 90210 Pool Table

Apr 5, 2012

Here’s a recent pool table move we did for our clients in Beverly Hills, CA. This eight-foot Connelly Durango has been with our client for about eight years. The old Cadet Blue felt was starting to show its age. When our clients recently moved from Los Angeles to Beverly Hills, they decided on Camel cloth for their pool table refelting. As I started the pool table disassemble, I noticed that three out of six rails had dead cushion rubber on them. When I mentioned this to my client he replied, “I’m not really an expert pool player, but I have noticed that the balls will bounce less off of certain rails.” I told him that it would be best if we recushioned all six of his rails now because it would only be a matter of time before the other three cushions would go dead. He agreed to have us replace all the cushion rubber. We wrapped up his rails and brought them to the shop where we do all of our pool table repairs. We returned to the home a week later to finalize the pool table setup. My client said that his pool table played so much better with the newly replaced cushion rubber.