The Wrong Way to Move a Slate Pool Table

Apr 10, 2012

This client of ours from Placentia, CA was doing some home remodeling. When it came time to move his slate pool table out of the way, he and four of his friends thought it would be an easy task that they could handle. Wrong! They managed to get his seven-foot World of Leisure, three-piece slate pool table all the way out to the garage. The only problem was that in the process of tipping the 600+ pound slate pool table on its side, they broke two of the leg mounts. It was at this point that our client decided that he needed the help of the pool table experts.

He weighed his options. Should he have his 20-year-old pool table which was now broken and sideways in the garage repaired? Even before he and his buddies had moved the pool table it was going to need a lot of restoration. To bring the pool table back to a usable condition it was going to need new cushion rubber, new felt, new leather pockets, and repairing the damaged leg mounts. Our client decided to invest his money in a new pool table and bought one of our import pool tables by C.L. Bailey.