The Fifty Foot Pool Table Move

May 11, 2012

This is a situation that could have turned ugly. Our Corona Del Mar, CA clients were remodeling their subterranean game room, and apparently, their contractor thought it would be alright to have six of his men pick up and carry the eight-foot slate pool table 50 feet outside to the adjacent underground garage. Luckily this pool table moving escapade didn’t yield any damage or injury. But this time around the homeowners had their say. They told their contractor that they didn’t want to risk trying to move the pool table back inside. So they hired the pool table experts to handle the job. We do things the right way, starting with disassembling the pool table into small pieces so no damage will occur. We don’t recommend anyone try to move an 800-pound pool table by enlisting the help of five or six men. Whether you intend to move your pool table across town or just across a room, it’s best to enlist the services of a skilled billiard table mechanic.