This Dining Table Walks Into a Bar…

May 14, 2012

You’ve all heard that joke, right? An ultra-modern dining table casually strolls into a neighborhood bar, orders a drink, and then bumps into a pool table. Well, what happens next will blow your mind. The creators of the world’s finest billiard balls have come up with a cutting-edge design table fused with a slate billiards table. Saluc, S.A., parent to Belgium based Aramith company has created the Fusion Table. The Fusion Table, with its ultra-modern design, features a dual height leg adjustment system which allows the user to easily change the height of the table to transform it into a slate billiard table.

Here is a delivery we just made to our clients from Los Angeles, CA. The man of the home has been wanting a pool table for years now. But his wife was not on board with giving up her dining room. The Fusion Table by Aramith solved all their problems by allowing them to have a dining table large enough to seat 10 people comfortably. When dinner is over you simply remove the tabletops and effortlessly raise the Fusion to the proper height of 32 inches and you’re ready to rack ’em up for a game of billiards.