Keep Calm and Carry On

May 17, 2012

This client of ours from Dana Point, CA scored a great deal on this used AMF Playmaster pool table. He and his buddy moved the pieces over to his home and were contemplating installing the table themselves. But of course, after a few drinks, everything seems a little easier. A slate pool table set up incorrectly will never play as it should. My client decided after seeing all of the pool table parts strewn across his floor that he needed the help of a professional billiard mechanic. We were able to help him locate the ideal position in his new acquisition. The room wasn’t quite long enough, but I was able to solve that problem for him by offering some shorter cuesticks. We usually always carry necessary billiard supplies inside the DK Billiards van. He ended up just needing one 48-inch cuestick for the ends of the pool table, and only when the cueball was close to one of the end rails.