This World of Leisure pool table, circa 1970’s has found a new home in Fullerton, CA. For the past 10 years it’s been in musician Kevin Manok’s home in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Prior to this it was in Dana Point, CA and before that, well I don’t know that was before I started working on the pool table. But now Kevin has sold it to a nice a family of four from Fullerton, CA. Being a pool table mover takes us to many different parts of Orange County and we get to meet many interesting people. I call this pool table the widowmaker because of it’s one piece slate design and the fact that the slate weighs 450 pounds by itself. Nowadays, all World of Leisure pool tables are built with a three piece slate design. But back then the big three pool table manufacturers, Golden West, World of Leisure and Ohlhausen all built their tables with a one piece slate design. I don’t know which manufacturer was the first to build a three piece slate pool table, but they all followed suit quickly.

In principle the one piece slate design pool table makes sense. It’s much easier to level and install a one piece slate pool table versus a three piece slate. There are no slate seams to fill and most of the time the felt is glued directly to the slate. The huge misconception that pool table shoppers had shoved down their throats by the salesmen, was that the one piece slate design was the best thing since sliced bread. That was furthest thing from the truth.