Yorba Linda Pool Table Movers

Jul 4, 2012

Here at DK Billiards, we’re no strangers to pool table moving. Whether it’s moving a slate pool table from an upstairs room to a ground floor room or just a few feet within the same room. Here’s a recent pool table move from an upstairs home in Yorba Linda, CA to our client’s new home in Santa Ana, CA. My assistant and I carefully disassembled this eight-foot, three-piece slate pool table and carried it downstairs to the van, and drove it over to their new house. The Euro. Blue felt was new when I installed it nine months earlier for this family of four. At the time they’d just relocated here to Orange County from Florida. I tell my clients that we can typically re-stretch the pool table felt up to two times after the original install. Any more than that and you run the risk of overstretching which causes it to wear out much quicker.