Golden West Billiards Backbreaker

Jul 16, 2012

So this pool table project started out a little differently. Most of the time the pool tables that we work on are already inside of the client’s home. My client and his three burly sons found this nine-foot Golden West pool table all the way down in Poway, CA. The men managed to remove the rails and legs from the pool table and loaded it up into my client’s flatbed trailer. That’s as far as it got, on the drive back up to Santa Ana my client’s sciatic nerve started to throb and ache. My client told me that he didn’t want to have anything more to do with his newly acquired, “free” pool table. He hired us to finish the project for him.

We pulled the tarp off the table and started to remove the old felt, proceeded to remove the slate screws, and then separated the three pieces of slate. My client never realized that the pool table had a 3pc. slate bed and could come apart further. His back would have been a lot happier not having to lug the 900-pound cabinet and slate bed into his trailer. The pool table disassembly went smoothly, my crew and I moved all the pool table parts into the house and found the perfect location for this nine-foot Golden West Billiards table.