Third Time is a Charm

Aug 1, 2012

Here’s a recent pool table install we did for our San Clemente, CA clients. We often work on many different brands of pool tables. This particular three-piece slate pool table was manufactured by Olhausen. The model is called St. Leone and was made out of solid oak. The clients had moved into the Talega home about two months earlier and the Mrs. was tired of looking at pool table parts every time she walked by the front door. She finally decided to schedule us for a pool table set up so they could start racking up a few games this summer. All of the table parts were there in the room where the movers had left everything. So all we had to do was level the cabinet to the floor and then level the slates for exceptional play. I was able to re-stretch the old Brown pool table cloth for one last time, I actually think that this was the third time it had been stretched on the slate bed. If you own an Olhausen pool table or any other brand that needs servicing. Please consider giving the kids a treat this summer by giving your older pool table a facelift. We have over 30 colors of felt available in our Orange County pool table showroom.