Not Just Pool Table Experts, Gameroom Gurus

Aug 8, 2012

Here at DK Billiards, we pride ourselves on selling not only the highest quality American made and Import pool tables money can buy. We painstakingly consult with our clients, both in our pool table showroom and also in the actual spot where your new table will be installed. We don’t just sell you a pool table and then say you’re on your own. When I deliver your new pool table to your home, it’s a process that my clients and I talk about in detail because you cannot have a pool table that doesn’t function properly in your home or doesn’t allow for the incorporation of your other furniture.

We offer custom-made pool tables by Connelly Billiards in several sizes ranging from 6 feet all the way up to 10 feet if you’re so inclined. For our more budget-minded clients, we offer Import pool tables by CL Bailey and Fischer. All our pool tables, whether American, Chinese or Malaysian made all follow standardized construction parameters set forth by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA). Do yourself a favor and come on by our Orange County billiards table showroom where we’ll be happy to point out the differences between US vs. THEM.