Beware of Bogus Olhausens

Sep 13, 2012

We just came across this eight-foot Olhausen pool table located in Irvine, CA. Our client says he purchased this custom Don Olhausen pool table about seven years ago at the LA County Fair. Our client recently relocated to Newport Coast, CA, and used us to move his “FauxHausen” pool table to his new home. Upon our arrival at the client’s old home to pick up the table I start to realize that I’ve been here before. Yes, I’m sure of it! About 14 months ago we installed this same pool table here in Irvine after our client had just moved in. I really hope I’m not committing a billiard mechanic Faux Pas. Upon my first encounter with this exact pool table, I wrote a blog about it. That blog was titled “Secrets Revealed About Olhausen Pool Tables”.  I was urged by Butch Olhausen and Tim Smith, attorney for Olhausen Billiards. to remove it from our website. Against my First Amendment right to free speech, I decided to password protect the post. (password: bogus)

As long as I don’t “badmouth” their name, I should be fine. The truth is, I’ve never badmouthed Olhausen pool tables. I honestly think that they produce a fine product despite their higher prices. In an email from Butch Olhausen, he proclaims that said pool table has to be bogus. He goes on to say that “Olhausen has never used Chinese slate”. Butch thinks that because I sell Connelly Billiards pool tables I must have made this up, “because you’ve got to resort to badmouthing when trying to sell against the best pool table in the world”.

We strive to be as upfront with our customers, as well as our competitors. As a seasoned mechanic, I was in shock to see this. Concerned, I wrote about it. Guess it hit a nerve.