1970s Golden West Shows Wildside

Sep 16, 2012

Here’s an older Golden West pool table from Fullerton, CA that we recently had the pleasure of servicing. Since the 1970s, this Golden West Pro. 8′ table has been a mainstay in this family’s game room. Our client’s kids grew up playing pool on it, but have since moved out, got married, and had kids of their own. The pool table still had the original cushion rubber which had deteriorated years ago. But, when no one plays pool, no one cares about these trivial things. Time goes on and the grandkids are almost teenagers. Young Billy wants to learn how to play Nine Ball, but Grandpa soon realizes that his billiard balls don’t have as much bounce as they once had. Grandma, being the computer-savvy person that she is, does her research on a handful of Billiard Mechanics she finds online. And, viola, the Pool Table King is on the job. Always at the ready, DK Billiards is happy to refurbish your old, dilapidated family pool table. This time around Grandma gets to pick out the felt color. On a recent visit to our OC billiard shop, she notices the animal print cloth we have on display and immediately chooses Bobcat rail cloth paired with Camel for the bed cloth.