Keeping It in the Family

Sep 19, 2012

We were recently at the Santa Ana, CA home of the late Gordy Lee, co-founder of VANS tennis shoes. Gordy’s five surviving children are clearing out the home so it could be staged and sold. Each of the five children chose separate items of high sentimental value. Our client, Gordy’s daughter chose the family pool table. This pro. eight-foot antique pool table circa the 1940s has a special place in her heart. She’s decided to have us dismantle and move the antique pool table to her home where it can be played on by all and will continue to remind her of her Dad. The pool table needed a lot of work though. All in all, we’ve replaced the cushion rubber, a few of the leather pockets were rotted out so we’ve replaced them with new leather nets and we also replaced the pocket fringe. Our client also decided to replace the bed and rail cloth, she’s having us refelt the pool table with new Taupe billiard cloth. Setting up this antique pool table was a little different from most. It actually has a four-piece slate bed instead of three which is very uncommon these days. Leveling the four pieces of slate took much longer than usual because of all the twists and turns that the frame had. I managed to level it up pretty well.