Beantown Billiard Table Comes Back Home

Sep 25, 2012

A Boston, MA family of five just recently relocated to Laguna Niguel, CA. This Pro Eight-foot, Charles A. Porter Renaissance pool table was acquired by my client but never set up in his former home. We were contracted by a third-party service company in New Hampshire that had crated the slates and needed an Orange County pool table mechanic to uncrate and set up the table for their client. Apparently, our client had frequented a former pool hall in Boston where this and several other Renaissance pool tables were installed. The pool hall went out of business and my client bought one of the tables and held on to it for years without ever setting it up. We ended up replacing the cushion rubber on the rails and installing new leather pockets. My client went all out and chose to upgrade to our worsted wool cloth in a Wine color for superior playability and ball control. I say that this table came back home because it was originally manufactured in Santa Ana, CA by Mr. Porter.