Pool Table Service Pros

Oct 23, 2012

Here’s a recent pool table repair we performed for our client in Laguna Hills, CA. The client scored a free pool table from an abandoned home down in Ramona, CA. The only problem was there was no time to hire professional pool table movers to properly disassemble this 8′ World of Leisure. Sheer manpower made quick work of extracting the abandoned slate pool table. However, in the process of manhandling this three-piece slate billiard table, all four leg mounts were bent out of shape and three blind aprons were damaged. I was able to pound the steel brackets back into shape. This allowed me to remount the pool tale legs to the cabinet with a very minute amount of wobble. Two blind aprons were cracked in half, probably from tipping the pool table on its side. The other one had completely broken off one of the end rails. I was able to glue and clamp these in my shop. The moral of the story is: If you score a deal on a used pool table, don’t destroy it before you get it home. Take some basic tools along with you. Once at the job site, disassemble the pool table from the top down. The legs should ALWAYS be the last parts to come off the table not the first!