What is a Standard Size Pool Table?

Nov 28, 2012

What Size Pool Table to Buy?

Here at DK Billiards, we can provide our clients with many different pool table sizes. Most of our clients choose what is commonly called the standard or full-size pool table. We refer to this size as a 44 x 88-inch pool table. It is sometimes called a 4 x 8, which is the standard size for home use. The second most popular size is the bar size pool table, which has a playfield measuring 39 x 78 inches. This is commonly called a seven-footer or a three-and-a-half by seven foot. When referring to playfield sizes we mean the flat surface area in between the side and end rails which are covered by billiard cloth a.k.a. felt. There are two more sizes in the billiard family tree. The next larger size table is called the pro-eight-foot or over-size eight-foot and is not very common for home use. The pro 8′ has a playing field that measures 46 x 92 inches. The largest and least common size pool table is the four and a half by nine-foot, commonly referred to as a regulation or tournament size. The playfield on a nine-footer measures 50 x 100 inches. All four of these different size pool tables are available to order from our Orange County pool table store. However, we typically only stock the seven and eight-footers due to their popularity.