Connelly Pool Tables Deliver the Greatest Value

Dec 3, 2012

On a recent delivery to our client’s Shady Canyon home to install this eight-foot Connelly Scottsdale pool table, we had to do something we normally don’t do. Because this table is such a heavy beast, we had to disassemble the cabinet to make it light enough to carry upstairs. The Scottsdale’s solid maple cabinet is heavy enough on its own. But, our client chose to upgrade to Connelly’s custom concealed accessory drawer allowing for storage of all playing equipment neatly inside of the pool table, adding an extra 100 pounds to the cabinet. Honestly, the money our client saved on buying this Scottsdale versus buying an Olhausen pool table, easily could pay my chiropractor bill. Pound for pound you’ll always get more for your money when buying a Connelly product.

For example, the Brazilian slate that Connelly uses on all of their Plateau and Pinnacle series pool tables is an inch and a quarter thick. You might be asking yourself this question: “Do I really need a slate that is 1.25 inches thick?” The answer is yes! If the pool cabinet can accept the additional weight that an extra quarter-inch of slate will bring, then why not? The heavier your billiard table is the more soundly it will play. You can put your whole body weight onto the table while shooting and not have to worry about the table sliding or shifting, becoming unbalanced and out of level!