The Right Size Pool Table For You

Dec 15, 2012

What Size Pool Table is Best for You.

Are you on the fence about which size pool table to buy? Here at DK Billiards, we’re helpful when it comes to figuring out which size will fit your space the best. These days we’ve been selling more seven-foot billiard tables than eight-footers. Five feet or 60 inches is the rule of thumb to live by when trying to fit a pool table into your room. Now when I say five feet I mean from the playing field of the pool table. The playing field starts at the tip of the cushion. For example, if you’re interested in buying an eight-foot pool table you should know that the playfield measures 44 by 88 inches. You’ll want to allow enough space for a full-length pool cue, which is typically 58 inches.

If your room is a little too narrow or a bit too short, don’t worry we’ve got a solution. You can either go with a smaller size pool table, such as a seven-footer. Or, if you’re really determined to play on a “standard size” pool table you can simply order a couple of smaller size cue sticks. We carry many custom-sized pool cues, starting at 36, 42, 48, and 52 inches. Check out our handy game room planner to help you figure it all out.